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“I didn’t shoot it like a scene where you [say] action [and] cut. I kind of let the camera roll for four or five minutes and I let Helena and Emma improvise… build an intensity together. It was getting scary. Emma was able to just let go a little bit and forget for a moment that she was acting. And the screams were quite horrible to listen to. It was a very odd energy in the room. In that moment and in that day and in that room, she kind of crossed the line as an actress. She discovered something within herself that will make her a great actor.”

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For you, I’d steal the stars.

—A Six Word Poem ( on how you deserve galaxies)

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Most of these actors are too old, some of the edits are still messy but I’m tired of staring at them on photoshop, and we’re never going to agree on houses for everyone BUT I think I should get a solid B for effort. (list of actors can be found here)

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